I know, there are already only spring/summer looks everywhere. But I think it is insane because of snowy landscape. So I am objecting and giving here still only winter looks. And every racional man agree with me, that every later winter a whole fashion world is publishing summer looks and it causes a ordinary man is looking forward to summer. So this ordinary man doesnt enjoy winter (ergo present). Therefore life is leaking away and people are unlucky. This example about temerity of today fashion is maybe funny, but is essentially truth. I konw that fashion designers and whole fashion industry doesnt respekt enviroment in this case, because it is their work. But other people…

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Colorful sweaters

In my opinion, are colorful sweaters neverending trend. Not only because they make lot of good combinations (they looks great with jeans / skirt / shorts and jacket or anorak, too…), but also for their incredibly utilization (from serious or elegant checked sweaters till sporty or infantile striped polonecks). I do like them mainly for they are shining, and also because it looks so optimistic ( as an example, the first one, that is specifically from my wardrobe)Aren’t they nicely? 🙂

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Killing heels

My second “article” is about very high heels. I think that they look very nice but they surely demand  a lot of facility to wear them. Here are examples of  collection spring/summer 2010 of some brands . There are really “killing” shoes!…

Alexander McQueen:

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