Ancient Egypt

In the distant past  Egyptians were wearing with such a pathos, which inspires many today designers. Although this period of 5000 years ago, I have to say that in that time some people are able to wear nicely (when we take into account that the north people still, if ever, wore only  animal skins, etc.)

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Roman clothing

Roman clothing owed much to that of ancient Greece, but it had distinct forms of its own.

In all the ancient world, first and foremost clothes needed to be simple. As for possible materials there was only really one. Wool, although to some extent linen was also available.
The needles of the day were coarse and unwieldy by modern standards. Hence any stitching or sewing was kept to a minimum.
This of course also ruled out button holes, and meant that any kind of clothing was held together either with fastenings such as broaches or clasps.

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Ancient Greece

I think, it would be ingratitude if i havent given here at least one article about a source of such an inspiration as culture ( specific fashion) of ancient Greece. Period of ancient Greece, which is certainly admired by lots of people ( not only me) is the period, when the clothes were  serving to  people and not people to the clothes.It is the period, when women became human nymphs, walking the ground.
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