Biography of Vievienne

British designer Vivienne Westwood (born 1941) is often credited with being the creator of “punk fashions, ” among other trend-setting styles.

Vivienne Westwood was born in Tinwhistle, England, in 1941. Following just one term at the Harrow Art School, Westwood left and trained to become a primary school teacher. She earned her living teaching until she crossed paths with Malcolm McLaren, the man behind the punk rock group The Sex Pistols.

Under McLaren’s guidance and influence, Westwood slid into the world of youthful fashion, which reflected the turmoil of those rebellious times. She was responsible for mirroring and outfitting the social movements characterized by the growing segments of British population known as the Teddy Boys, Rockers, and, finally, the Punks. Continue reading


Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad is a Beirut-based Lebanese fashion designer.

In 1995, Zuhair Murad opened his first atelier in Beirut and not long after has established a very high reputation in the international fashion scene. What began as a mere hobby soon turned into an empire of unique sophistication and revered fashion. “Ever since I was a child, I used to imagine designs for imaginary clients. I have always loved to work in the word of luxury and design…As my country in well known for its natural beauty…that expertise…made me fall into the world of haute couture,” Murad has said. His lavish creations, in sensational colors and extraordinary fabrics, are reminiscent of Egyptian princesses, Grecian goddesses and pure, glorious splendor, complete with an edgy twist that modernizes his collections just enough. Continue reading

GUCCI spring/summer2010

This is the Gucci Spring summer 2010 ad campaign featuring models Natasha Poly, and Ryan Kennedy.  I think  that these dramaticle positions of models and black/grey/white clothes front of azure background give its really luxury tone.  Cold tint of photos by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott is unnatural for warm season like spring and summer ( here afore summer ) …..but all in all it looks really cool and nice, doesn’t it?Both the models and photographer were hired once again for this campaign after doing an amazing job with their cruise collection.

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