History of Louis Vuitton company

Early Days (1854-1892)

Louis Vuitton did not succeed until just after his death. Vuitton started with flat luggage. This luggage was lightweight, and was bought by France’s Empress EugĂ©nie in its first year of sale. In 1860, Vuitton was forced to relocate, where he expanded due to increasing demand. 7 years later, in Louis Vuitton won a bronze medal at the World’s Fair. In 1871, Vuitton gained ground in the industry although many of his works were getting copied. In 1880, his son Georges married. On their wedding day, Louis gave over control of the business to Georges. Only 3 years later, Louis became a grandfather as Georges son Gaston-Louis Vuitton was born. In 1892, Louis Vuitton started selling handbags. On February 27th, Louis Vuitton died. Georges now had full control of the company

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