PEPE JEANS fall/winter 2010/11

Despite I have seen some photos of Pepe Jeans ad campaign for spring/summer 2011, I am giving here collection fall/winter 2010/2011. I know that it is for fashion addicts very old post. But because it’s still only January and I do not like when in the winter are already photos of summer looks everywhere and I must admit, I am not always watching fashion news… I am giving here this collection by Pepe Jeans, because simply I like it too. There is a story ( a romantic triangle) with two male models Jon Kortajarena, Gaspard Menier ( which hair are styled after popular sexsymbol Robert Pattinson)  and one female model last season’s Alexa Chung. It is set in black and white city, so overall impression is reinforced. This collection may be as casual as elegant and modern and I think, it resembles style of vintage. By the way one more thing that I like is, that everything looks real-not like in most of collections, that everything is so perfect.

Like many times before, Pepe has made good ad campaign. As in spring-summer, main protagonist is model Alexa Chung, which is still catched in her love triangle. However this time authors made photos in vintage style ( which is now very in) and whole effect is also better with new guys (Jon Kortajarena and Gasapr Menier) who have hairstyle a la Edward 🙂

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PEPE JEANS spring/summer 2010

I can admit I like brand Pepe Jeans. Namely the best reason is, that they produce wearable clothes for ordinary people for everyday. And anyway this clothes aren’t any humdrum or hackneyed rags, but almost each of pieces is properly processed and has own individual style.

For this comming warm season Pepe provides dandyish collection as for women as for men. This ad campaign is represented by Alexa Chung, Boyd Holbrook and Tom Guinness, which personify famed love triangle. However this comparatively hot topic contrasts with light-tuning photos and relatively bored faces of models. After all review for yourselves 😉


This is a new collection spring/summer 2010 by Pepe Jeans with models Alexa Chung, Boyd Holbrook and Tom Guinness. I really like this collection becasue it is so good-looking (combinations of jeans and colourful T-shirts or cream/white jacket) and useable. It is fortunately bright, not dark ! I wish I could possess all the pieces in this collection. ….Photos are made by Tom Munro.

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History of Pepe Jeans

The year is 1973, David Bowie has just released Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars, ´Slades Cum On Feel The Noize´was blaring out on stereos everywhere, Marlon Brando refuses to accept his Oscar as a protest against the plight of native american indians, Mean Streets, Live And Let Die, Paper Moon and Serpico are filling up the cinemas and Evel Knievel is the hero of the moment.

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