Ancient Egypt

In the distant past  Egyptians were wearing with such a pathos, which inspires many today designers. Although this period of 5000 years ago, I have to say that in that time some people are able to wear nicely (when we take into account that the north people still, if ever, wore only  animal skins, etc.)

Draped dress

Everyday clothing was mostly undecorated, though pleating was known since the Old Kingdom, when some dresses of upper class Egyptians were pleated horizontally. In the New Kingdom the pleats were often vertical, but pleating could be quite intricate. A Middle Kingdom piece of clothing displays three different types of pleating: one part is pleated with pleats a few centimetres apart, another with very narrow pleats and a third part is chevron-patterned, with horizontal and vertical pleats crossing each other. How the pleating was done is not known, but it is generally supposed to have been very labour intensive.

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