Late but surely: HM Holiday campaign

I realised I haven’t mentioned about this last holiday ad campaign 2010  of HM. As I want to make it up, so I am publishing it :). Althought it is old collection, it deserve to be posted on my blog because of its originality and philanthropy. Frankly, I’m suprised this campaign HM. It presents a nice idea as friendship, motherhood, a couple in love, twins, sisters and other. It is even featured with such a kind models as Waris Dirie, Liya Kebede, Mariacarla Boscono, Stella Tennant, Kasia Struss, Du Juan, Fei Fei Sun and their family members and friends. What is more every photo are in such a unconvencional african-winter spirit…. Continue reading


History of H&M

Erling Persson, founder of H&M, opened the first Hennes store in Vasteras, Sweden in 1947. Hennes (the Swedish word for “hers”) sold only women’s clothes. In 1968, Persson bought Mauritz Widforss, a hunting store located in Stockholm. A stock of men’s clothing came with the store, so the company began selling both men’s and women’s clothes and changed its name to Hennes and Mauritz. Since 1982, H&M has continued to go through a period of rapid expansion. We now sell clothes and cosmetics in over 620 stores in 13 countries in Europe. We opened the doors of our first two stores in Toronto in March 2004, followed by a further four stores in the autumn.

From the beginning, H&M has created an open and fun work environment that offers workers the chance to express their initiatives and ideas, while stimulating teamwork, communication, and the sharing of responsibilities. In short, it’s a retail fashion atmosphere where employees will continually make a difference.

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Ancient Egypt

In the distant past  Egyptians were wearing with such a pathos, which inspires many today designers. Although this period of 5000 years ago, I have to say that in that time some people are able to wear nicely (when we take into account that the north people still, if ever, wore only  animal skins, etc.)

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