Herve Leger

Yesterday my sister call my attention to this ordinary extraordinary brand, which presently cover almost all red carpets in Hollywood. Under normal conditions it would simply coalesce with other brands ( and I would not write about it). However the founder Herve L. Leger brought something new to marketing. So it was fact, that stripes improve woman figure. Also, it does not matter whether woman has plump figure with case instead of behinds or look like sceleton. With “these” stripes she looks sexi. Of course, that Herve does not sell this dresses at a cheap coin, but he asks for one of them over 1000€.

When my sister recently mentioned this name, it meant nothing to me. But I must admit I probably belong to a minority group of people, because the founder have found out the  of one revolutionary ideas. So this idea is, that ‘the strips’ are designed to improve figure of women. Any woman looks just super and sexy. So the only one finding was enough to ‘win’ for fashion designer  Maw Azria.  Proof is the fact that today the red carpet are full of dresses bz Herve Leger.

… for more you can click to HERVE LEGER.com

…and many many others:)


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