Croquis of fashion designers

Fsahion isnt only about models, fashion catwalks, homosexuals and superficial people. It is also a kind of art. Each model has its idea (although sometimes only in the subconscious of designer). A good fashion designer plays with fabric and just compose. Usually the man has a most attractive idea in his head, then draw it on  paper in the form of sketches, which later are improved and etc. But if a man want to realize his ideas, he will must have some experience in the art. So as every designer has his own style of models, each of them are unique and recognizable by their sketch/ croquis. To be sure, compare on your own… Continue reading

History of Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair was originally founded as a British weekly magazine in 1868 by Thomas Gibson Bowles. Subtitled “A Weekly Show of Political, Social, and Literary Wares”, it offered its Victorian- and Edwardian-era readership articles on current events and issues of the day, reviews of the theatre, new books, reports on social events, and the latest scandals, together with serialized fiction, word games, and other trivia. However the magazine was perhaps best known for its caricatures. More than two thousand of these caricatures appeared of subjects that included artists, athletes, royalty, statesmen, scientists, authors, actors, soldiers and scholars.

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