I know, there are already only spring/summer looks everywhere. But I think it is insane because of snowy landscape. So I am objecting and giving here still only winter looks. And every racional man agree with me, that every later winter a whole fashion world is publishing summer looks and it causes a ordinary man is looking forward to summer. So this ordinary man doesnt enjoy winter (ergo present). Therefore life is leaking away and people are unlucky. This example about temerity of today fashion is maybe funny, but is essentially truth. I konw that fashion designers and whole fashion industry doesnt respekt enviroment in this case, because it is their work. But other people…

The latest I like earmuffs, because they are funny, cute and practical. They are really good accessories and can make an amazing look! I have a one and I found out it has got one advantage moreover. When I am wearing one, I hear a little bit worse. So when somebody is nagging me, I am ignoring him. Later I will can tell him, it was caused by earmuffs. 😉

So which of these would you choose if you could?


6 thoughts on “Earmuffs

  1. buenos,Me encanta su pagina,bon trabajo, Te falta sólo una herramienta de traducción el resto tudo ok!También me encanta trabajar en blogs y jugar al póquer en línea… No se si tu disfrutas de Poker, jo ha passado aqui para ayudes pero jo ha arranjado um dinero gratis de poker en línea en otro día,Puedo dejar la dirección aquí es http://www.dinerogratispokeronline.com/ ahora lo problema es que jo no sé que jugar No limit o Fixed Limit?…….no sé mucho de estrategia de Poker!
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    • I’ll try to improve translation on my blog, so thank you for the tip
      I don’t play poker, so I can’t help you 😦
      so have a nice holiday, if you are still there 🙂

  2. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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