To my new year wish about the inspirations I add here an article about CHICTOPIA. This website : www. is very inspiring for everyone, who wants to dress better. It is some kind of community in which users could finally answer the question “What looks good on you?”. Launched in April of 2008 it was made by Helen Zhu, Corinne Chan and Ricky Ho.

Since then, Chictopia has grown to be the leading online fashion network with over 100,000 registered users ( who give thier photos with thier outfits there) and growing. Having been featured in NYLON Magazine as one of the Top 4 Style Sites and named by Women’s Wear Daily one of the sites to watch in 2010, Chictopia is a mecca for inspiration seekers and trendsetters.

Chictopia Style Icons have been featured in Glamour, TeenVOGUE, Women’s Wear Daily, The New York Times, and many more.

I like this website, because it is always full of interesting combinations and it is made by ordinary people ( who love fashion by accident ), too.

… and many many others :), “and”….

…. TRIPIKO demonstrated that chictopia is not only website for women! 🙂


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