Collections of Vivienne Westwood

I have found some list of her collections. But I think that it is uncompletely so I hope, I will find rest of this…

The early collections were presented not on the catwalk but within the shop environment. The name and iamge of the s
hop at 430 King’s Road changed according the look of the clothes.

…so chronology:



1974: SEX.


1981: March, PIRATE, Autumn/Winter 1981-2. Olympia, London.

October, SAVAGE, Spring/Summer 1982, Olympia, London.

1982: March, NOSTALGIA OF MUD (BUFFALO), Autumn/Winter 1982-3. Angelina’s, Paris.

October, PUNKATURE, Spring/Summer 1983-4. Cour du Louvre, Paris.

1983: March, WITCHES, Autumn/Winter 1983-4. Cour du Louvre, Paris.

October, HYPNOS, Spring/Summer 1984, Cour du Louvre, Paris.

1984: March, CLINT EASTWOOD, Autumn/Winter 1984-5. Cour du Louvre, Paris.

October, MINI CRINI, Spring/Summer 1985. Cour du Louvre, Paris.

1987: March, HARRIS TWEED, Autumn/Winter 1987-8. Apex Room, Olympia, London.

October, PAGAN I, Spring/Summer.

1988: BFC Tent, Olympia, London.

March, TIME MACHINE, Autumn/Winter 1988. BFC Tent, Olympia, London.

October, CIVILIZADE, Spring/Summer 1989. Olympia, London.

1989: March, VOYAGE TO CYTHERA, Autumn/Winter 1989-90. Apex Room, Olympia, London.

October, PAGAN V, Spring/Summer 1990. BTC Tent, Olympia, London.

1990: March, PORTRAIT, Autumn/Winter 1990-1. I.O.D., Pall Mall, London.
July, CUT AND SLASH (menswear), Spring/Summer 1991. Villa de Gamberaia, Pitti Palace, Florence.
October, CUT AND SLASH (womenswear) Spring/Summer, 1991. I.O.D., Pall Mall, London.

1991: March, DRESSING UP, Autumn/Winter 1991-2. Azzedine Alaïa showroom, Paris.
October, SALON, Spring/Summer 1992. Azzedine Alaïa showroom, Paris.

1992: March, ALWAYS ON CAMERA, Autumn/Winter 1992-3. Le Monde de l’art, Paris.
October, GRAND HOTEL, Spring/Summer 1993. Le Grand Hôtel, Paris.

1993: March, ANGLOMANIA, Autumn/Winter 1993-94. Le Cercle Républicain, Paris.
October, CAFé SOCIETY, Spring/Summer, 1994. Le Grand Hôtel, Paris.

1994: March, ON LIBERTY, Autumn/Winter 1994-5. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
October, EROTIC ZONES , Spring/Summer 1995. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.

1995: March, VIVE LA COCOTTE, Autumn/Winter 1995-6. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
October, LES FEMMES NE CONNAISSENT PAS TOUTE LEUR COQUETTERIE, Spring/Summer 1996. Salle de l’opéra, Le Grand Hôtel, Paris.

1996: January, MAN, Autumn/Winter 1996. Ex Stabilimento Motta, Milan.
March, STORM IN A TEA CUP, Autumn/Winter 1996-7. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.

1996: July, MAN, Spring/Summer 1997. Ex Stablimento Motta, Milan.
October, VIVE LA BAGATELLE, Spring/Summer 1997. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.

1997: January, MAN, Autumn/Winter 1997-8. Teatro Nuovo, Milan.

February, RED LABEL ‘TO ROSIE’, Autumn/Winter 1997-8. The Dorchester, London

March, FIVE CENTURIES AGO, Autumn/Winter 19978. Le Lido, Paris.

July, MAN, Spring/Summer 1998. Tenda Palestro, Giardini Pubblici, Milan.

1997: September, RED LABEL ‘THE ENGLISH GIRL ABROAD’, Spring/Summer 1998. Garden of Arden, Shakespeare’s Globe, London.
October, TIED TO THE MAST, Spring/Summer 1998. Hôtel de Crillon, Paris.

1997: January, MAN, Autumn/Winter 1998-9. Circolo della Stampa, Milan.
February, RED LABEL, Autumn/Winter 1998-9. Café De Paris, London.

1998: March, DRESSED TO SCALE, Autumn/Winter 1998-9. Hôtel de Crillon, Paris.
June, MAN, Spring/Summer 1999. Circolo della Stampa, Milan.

1998: September, RED LABEL, Spring/Summer 1999. The Tabernacle, London.
October, LA BELLE HELENE, Spring/Summer 1999. La Bourse, Paris.

1999: January, MAN, Autumn/Winter 1999-2000. Circolo della Stampa, Milan.
February, RED LABEL, Autumn/Winter 1999-2000. Celeste Bartos Forum, New York Public Library.
March, GOLD LABEL, Autumn/Winter 1999-2000. Vivienne Westwood Showroom, Paris.
June, MAN. Spring/Summer 2000. Circolo della Stampa, Milan.
August, RED LABEL, Spring/Summer 2000. New York.
October, GOLD LABEL ‘SUMMERTIME’. Spring/Summer 2000. Jeu de Paume, Paris.

2000: January, MAN, Autumn/Winter 2000-01. Circolo della Stampa, Milan.
February, RED LABEL. Autumn/Winter 2000-01. Bryant Park, The Tents, New York.
March, GOLD LABEL ‘WINTER’. Autumn/Winter 2000-1. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
October, GOLD LABEL ‘EXPLORATION’, Spring/Summer 2001. Salle Gabriel, Paris.

2001 March, GOLD LABEL ‘WILD BEAUTY’, Autumn/Winter 2001-2. Salle Wagram, Paris.

2002: June, MAN, Spring/Summer 2002. Chiostro di Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan 2002 October, GOLD LABEL, ‘NYMPHS’, Spring/Summer 2002. Salle Wagram,        Paris.
January, MAN, Autumn/Winter 2002-3. Circolo della Stampa, Milan.
March, GOLD LABEL, ANGLOPHILIA, Autumn/Winter 2002-3. Espace de Trocadéro, Paris.

2003: June, MAN, Spring/Summer 2003. Via Turati, Milan.

October, GOLD LABEL, STREET THEATRE, Spring/Summer, 2003. Espace de Trocadéro, Paris.

January, MAN, Autumn/Winter 2003-4. Via Turati, Milan.
March, GOLD LABEL, LE FLOU TAILLE, Autumn/Winter 2003-4. Salle Le Nôtre, Paris.

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